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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Sometimes it happens - you see a guru's face and feel an unexplainable connection, a pull, love. You instantly leave everything and follow the Master wherever he goes. But most often, people come to a guru through their mind. They want to feel happy, healthy, they start reading a book and feel that the questions that have been troubling them for years are finally getting answered; they get so overwhelmed with the new unexpected angles that they come to meditation.

Modern man comes to no mind through mind, and that's beautiful! That's the purpose of all those 600 books that Osho spoke. He didn't speak to entertain his readers' mind. He spoke to pull people to meditation, because nothing is important to a Master except his disciple's enlightenment. Nothing else matters.

If it's necessary for a person to be happy in their personal life to even start thinking about meditation, the Master will give you a beautiful partner. If the Master sees the seed of meditation in you, he will help you, push you in the right direction - that's his responsibility and the core of being a Master, to start with. That's the difference between being a disciple and just following a Master: the Master is personally responsible for your growth in meditation. If a certain obstacle has to be removed for you to start meditating, he will remove that obstacle with no difficulty. Circumstances in your life will start unfolding in such a way that you will eventually come to meditation. On the other hand, if you're too happy with your life, don't want to change anything and that prevents you from meditation, he will create situations that will kick you out of that limbo.

No Master will do that for anybody who is not ready to surrender, who is not ready to become a disciple. If you're not ready - don't even bother, you will receive Master's help only on the intellectual level. It's hard work requiring a lot of dedication, and it only works if both sides are involved. Osho used to say, "I'm available to you. But are you available to me?"...